NLG Idol Papers

Writing a good paper doesn’t always mean it will be read. Often times good work can fade away into the annals of time. In this session, SIGGEN members selected a few papers that they believe are great work, but may be somewhat less known. Each paper was presented with a 15 minute summary and defense, with 5 minutes for questions and discussion. Audience members will vote for their favorite paper the morning of June 21st. Results will be presented at the end of the conference.

David McDonald presented:
John Henry Clippinger Jr., “Speaking with Many Tongues: Some Problems in Modeling Speakers of Actual Discourse”. Proceedings of Theoretical Issues in Natural Language Processing (TINLP) 1975.
Michael White presented:
Günter Neumann and Gertjan Van Noord, “Self-Monitoring with Reversible Grammars”. Proceedings of CoLING 2012.
Kristina Striegnitz presented:
Montfort, Nick., “Natural Language Generation and Narrative Variation in Interactive Fiction”. Proceedings of the Twenty-First AAAI 2006 Computational Aesthetic Workshop.